I returned from an adventure to Hells Gate in NY. We had climbed to the top of the bridge tower for some photos, when a train came on our walk back. It was dark, and the blinding train light made it impossible to tell which side of the tracks the train was on. So, 13th and I had to hang off the side of the bridge, over the water below, as the train passed. It was crazy. I was talking to my mom the next day, having sent her some of the photographs, when she responded “you wonderful idiot, are you two filming your adventures?”

So it was.

Seeking adventures and experiences, WXW investigates cultures and foreign lands. Delving into events and locations that seem dangerous, unexplored, fascinating or simply amazing to look at. Initially as a brotherly competition WXW has evolved into a photographic series on film. Half wander lusting, half investigative journalism. We aim to expose an earth seeking balance, modern urban decay, and the human reactions and condition because of it.

From trips to Detroit and Death Valley, to brand work for Jordan and Heineken, the mantra remains the same, “Explore Everything.” We seek out and revel in brazen acts of photography and mischievous adventures in art and commerce. We chase light, and hold our experiences close. Come along dudebro, lets get some.

- Jason Goldwatch